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Our Company

Pound Cake Creations makes and sales flavored Pound Cakes.  Each cake is individually made from scratch with quality, wholesome, fresh ingredients.  At Pound Cake Creations we concentrated our efforts on perfecting our Grandmothers recipe.  We then went one step further by adding different enticing flavors to her original pound cake recipe.   Selecting any of these pound cakes will make your tastebuds simply dance.


In the Beginning

Growing up, mother and I visited my grandmother every Saturday after my piano lessons and Grandma always had a sweet treat for us.  Loving her treats, I often asked Grandma for her recipes.  Her response was always “Well put some butter, sugar, eggs, flour, etc. in a bowl…” to which I would stop her and ask how much butter, sugar, flour…  She would always respond with “Child, I don’t know, just put some in the bowl til it look and feel right.  Well I went home to work on duplicating Grandma’s wonderful treats and needless to say, I always had a big gooey mess on my hands. But then...


Not sure how this happened, but one of my aunts was able to get Grandma’s recipe, with measurements and all, and incorporated it into a family cookbook.  From that day on, I’ve made the cake every holiday and special occasion.  And now it is offered to you.


For years, Pound Cakes have been a traditional dessert at many gatherings.  The Original Pound Cake continues to be our family’s favorite.   All of the cakes within this brochure are wonderful compliments to your Sunday Dinner, Holiday Dinner or for any occasion.  They also make magnificent gifts. 


The same love that my Grandmother put into all of her baked goods is used today.  I know that she is proud and honored that people are enjoying the wonderful cake she made many times over.  It would be an honor if you were to make our cakes a part of your family traditions.