Our Cakes


Our cakes are available in 3 delicious flavors:


Whole $20.00    Loaf $7.00


Grandma’s signature pound cake is this lemon flavor based cake.  Rich in butter flavor, this cake is sure to bring back memories of when your grandmother used to bake or create new memories for your family.




Whole $23.00   Loaf $8.00


Using Grandma’s base, we’ve added caramel flavoring and large Pecans.  Nut lovers should definitely try this one!



Whole $25.00   Loaf $9.00



Chocked full of Pineapples, Pecans and Coconut, this cake aims to please.  If you’re looking for something with a tropical flare, this is the cake for you!



One Dozen $24.00


All of the flavors listed above are available as mini-cakes.  Each cake is approximately 2-oz, is sealed in a mason jar and remains fresh for up to four months.  Perfect for one, these cakes make EXCELLENT gifts for co-workers, teachers, service providers and great stocking stuffers.